WPI Social Implications Of Computing 2009 D Term
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If you use slides:

- Use a previous class presentation as a template.

- Put your name on each slide, I suggest in the title.

- Do not change the formatting.

- Do not use title slide format.

- Provide a transcript of what you intend to say in the speaker notes.
  Not only will this give me an idea of where to place your slides
  but also prepare you well to give the talk and serve as a reminder
  while you are speaking.

Slides should be used to provide illustrations, diagrams, charts and/or 
as a memory queue for the points you want to cover. You should never just read
the slides to your audience, they can do that for themselves.

Regardless of your presentation materials and the form they take you need
to provide references to support your statements. 

URL references should always include the date you accessed them.
Things change frequently.

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