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Welcome to WPI's Social Implications Of Computing Course CS 3043

Welcome to class. Here you will find the majority of documents relating to this class.

Discussion Boards and other interactive features can be found on the WPI Canvas site for this course. Enjoy.

Date Topics Due Presenters
1. Friday
2. Tuesday
Critical Thinking
Guest Speaker
1. Chapter 1 - Catalysts for Change
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Appendix A - Plagiarism
4. Discussion Board: Movies
4. Sign up for individual presentation
Paige Neumann - WPI Librarian
3. Friday
Ethics 1. Chapter 2 - Introduction to Ethics
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Paper 1: Technology
4. Wiki: Technology Timeline
4. Tuesday
Freedom of Speech 1. Chapter 3 - Networked Communications
2. Interview at end of chapter
1. Xiaoyue Lyu - Automating Misinformation Dissemination
2. Benjamin M'Sadoques - Enabling Free Speech
3. Pooja Patel - The Rise of Streaming
5. Friday
Intellectual Property
Guest Speaker
1. Chapter 4 - Intellectual Property
SKIP Interview at end of chapter
2. Prepare questions for guest speaker
0. Frank Gerratana - IP Lawyer
1. Matt Ferreira - Video Game Consumer Rights
2. Shuxing Li - AI Created IP Rights
6. Tuesday
Privacy 1. Chapter 5 - Information Privacy
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Paper 2: Self Search
1. Antoinette Mavrotheris - Virtual Collective Consciousness
2. Sebastian Pineda - Public Support of Surveillance
3. Sri Kalimani - Smart Homes - Eyes Everywhere
7. Friday
Privacy 1. Chapter 6 - Privacy and the Government
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Law Requiring Online Identification Debate Prep (paper optional)
1. Keming Wang - Public Safety
2. Pradnya Mahurkar - California Consumer Privacy Act
3. Paul Mara - Drone Airspace
4. Justin Amevor - The Patriot Act and Me
8. Tuesday
Crime 1. Chapter 7 - Computer and Network Security
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Group Project web site progress through topics covered in class to date.
1. Elie Hess - EARN IT Act
2. Daniel Stusalitus - Warrant Canaries
3. Xuhao Zhang - AI Crime Fighters
9. Friday
Errors Failures Risks
Guest Speaker
1. Chapter 8 - Computer Reliability
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Paper 3: Code Testing - NOTE: Due Saturday, April 24 at noon Eastern Time
0. Brannen Hough - Patriot Missile Engineer
1. Michael Rossetti - Self Driving Car Accident Legislation
2. Kalani Picho - Automated Patient Diagnosis and Treatement Selection
3. Ann Jicha - Submarine Communication Cables
10. Tuesday
Professional Ethics 1. Chapter 9 - Professional Ethics
Read the newly released Code of Ethics at: https://www.acm.org/code-of-ethics instead of the one in the text book.
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Game Debate Notes (Optional paper due 2020-05-01)
1. Conrad Tulig - Building a Personal AI
2. Katherine Cariglia - WikiLeaks
3. Andrew Morrison - Emergent Computing
11. Friday
1. Chapter 10 - Work and Wealth
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Group Presentation Draft
4. Paper 4: Automation - NOTE: Discussion prep due today, paper due 2020-05-05
1. Justin Moy - Telemedicine Satisfaction
2. Sean Morrissey - Net Neutrality
3. Imogen Cleaver-Stigum - Homeless
4. Eren Eroglu - Dress Code and Workplace Dynamics
12. Tuesday
Group Presentations 1. Non-presenter Questions
1. Solaris (1972) - Katherine Cariglia, Benjamin M'Sadoques, Keming Wang - (KAP)

2. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) - Oghenekome Asidi, Benjamin Babalola, Sriranjani Kalimani, Benjamin Robinson - (KAP)

3. Spectre (2015) - Matthew Ferreira, Paul (PJ) Mara, Pooja Patel - (KAP)

4. The Incredibles 2 (2018) - Justin Amevor, Imogen Cleaver-Stigum, Ann Jicha, Vrandol Perez - (KAP)
13. Friday
Group Presentations 1. Non-presenter Questions
1. Upgrade (2018) - Eren Eroglu, Benjamin Klaiman, Kalani Picho, Daniel Stusalitus - (KAP)

2. The Wandering Earth (2019) - Shuxing Li, Xiaoyue Lyu, Antoinette Mavrotheris, Sebastian Pineda - (KAP)

3. Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) - Elie Hess, Pradnya Mahurkar, Sean Morrissey, Xuhao Zhang - (KAP)

4. I Am Mother (2019) - Andrew Morrison, Justin Moy, Michael Rossetti, Conrad Tulig - (KAP)
14. Tuesday
- Student Topic Choice
- Rain Date: IP Guest Speaker
- Rain Date: Errors, Failures, Risks Guest Speaker
1. Group Evaluations 1. Ben Robinson - Crime Location Data
2. Ben Babalola - Classroom Computing
3. Vrandol Perez - Cyberespionage
4. Benny Klaiman - Computing Racial Bias
Weekly Time Guideline

 4 hours class time
 4 hours reading (2 chapters ~90 pages @ 2 minutes per page)
 8 hours practicing mastery of material
   - papers, group project, class activity preparation
16 hours / week

The Syllabus will change throughout the course as new interests are found and as material is covered ahead or behind schedule. Changes will be made in class and recorded in the class slides. You will be responsible for the material in the assigned reading.

If you have not already done so, students with disabilities, who believe that they may need accommodations in this class, are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Office (DSO), as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. The DSO is located in the Student Development and Counseling Center, (508) 831-4908.

The Writing Center offers one-on-one consultations to help you improve as a writer. Writing Center tutors will read your written work, give you feedback about your document's strengths and weaknesses, and help you chart a path forward as you revise. For D Term, all consultations will take place via online connection and document sharing instead of a face to face, but you'll still get real-time feedback through conversation with a peer tutor. Consultations are free and open to all WPI students for all classes and projects, and tutors will happily work with you at any stage of the writing process (early brainstorming, revising a draft, polishing sentences in a final draft). To learn more about our online tutoring and how to schedule a one-hour appointment, go to the Writing Center homepage: wpi.edu/+writing

Students with disabilities who need to utilize accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. This office can be contacted via email: DisabilityServices@wpi.edu, via phone: (508) 831-4908, or in person: 124 Daniels Hall. If you have approved accommodations, please request your accommodation letters online through the Office of Disability Services Student Portal.

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