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Welcome to WPI's Social Implications Of Computing Course CS 3043

Welcome to class. Here you will find the majority of documents relating to this class.

Discussion Boards and your grades can be found on the WPI Canvas site for this course. Enjoy.

Date Topics Due Presenters
Critical Thinking
Guest Speaker
1. Chapter 1 - Catalysts for Change
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Appendix A - Plagiarism
4. Discussion Board: Movies
4. Sign up for individual presentation
Lori Steckervetz - WPI Librarian
Ethics 1. Chapter 2 - Introduction to Ethics
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Paper 1: Technology
4. Wiki: Technology Timeline
Freedom of Speech 1. Chapter 3 - Networked Communications
2. Interview at end of chapter
0. Lori Steckervetz - WPI Librarian
1. Alazar Genene - You Need Net Neutrality
2. Samuel Goldman - Tell Me How To Vote
3. Forrest Cinelli - Who Writes My News Feed
Intellectual Property
Guest Speaker
1. Chapter 4 - Intellectual Property
SKIP Interview at end of chapter
2. Prepare questions for guest speaker
0. Frank Gerratana - IP Lawyer
1. Alexandra Wheeler - Video Game Piracy Good for Sales
2. Dylan Fontana - Facebook BSD
3. Grant Zahorsky - Digital Vinyl Systems
Privacy 1. Chapter 5 - Information Privacy
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Paper 2: Self Search
1. Nathan Drewniak - Self Driving Cars and You
2. Synella Gonzales - We Know Who You Are?
3. Ming Xu - Human Flesh Search in China
Privacy 1. Chapter 6 - Privacy and the Government
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. National ID Debate Prep (paper optional)
1. Henry Dunphy - Drones
2. Jerish Brown - Social Citizen Scores
3. Ming Shen - Great Firewall of China Drawbacks
Crime 1. Chapter 7 - Computer and Network Security
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Group Project web site progress through topics covered in class to date.
1. Apiwat Ditthapron - Quantum Cyber Threat
2. Mario Zyla - Cyberwarfare
3. Myles Spencer - Data Breach Backlash
Errors Failures Risks
Guest Speaker
1. Chapter 8 - Computer Reliability
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Paper 4: Code Testing
0. Brannen Hough - Patriot Missile Engineer
1. Ryan St. Hilaire - The Problem with AI
2. William Mosby - AI Companion Therapy
3. Sylvia van der Weide - Gender Biased Design
Professional Ethics 1. Chapter 9 - Professional Ethics
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Paper 5: Game
1. Leo Grande - Video Games Made Me Do It
2. Kartik Thooppal Vasu - Attention Stealing Apps
3. Adam Bettigole - Blame the User, Not the Phone
Tuesday 2018-04-24 Work 1. Chapter 10 - Work and Wealth
2. Interview at end of chapter
3. Group Presentation Draft
1. Amanda Pennie - Assembly Line Computer Automation
2. Juan Luis Herrero Estrada - Socioeconomic Inequality Driven by Innovation
3. Dimitri Berardi - Will AI and Automation Strip Us of Our Humanity
4. Jake Scheide - Southeast Asia Digital Divide
Group Presentations 1. Non-presenter Questions
1. Hidden Figures (2016) - Ditthapron, Apiwat - Genene, Alazar - Van Der Weide, Sylvia - Zyla, Mario - (KAP)
2. Unfriended (2015) - Grande, Leo - Mosby, William - Shen, Ming - Zahorsky, Grant - (KAP)
3. Starship Troopers (1997) - Abualhaija, Rushdi - Cinelli, Forrest - Henke, Wyatt - Thooppal, VasuKartik - (KAP)
Group Presentations 1. Group Evaluations
2. Non-presenter Questions
- Student Topic Choice
- Rain Date: IP Guest Speaker
- Rain Date: Errors, Failures, Risks Guest Speaker

1. Nerve (2016) - Berardi, Dimitri - Pennie, Amanda - Scheide, Jake - Spencer, Myles - Wheeler, Alexandra - (KAP)
2. Black Mirror: Hated In The Nation (2016) - Bettigole, Adam - Fontana, Dylan - Goldman, Samuel - Gonzales, Synella - Xu, Ming - (KAP)
3. Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Brown, Jerish - Drewniak, Nathan - Dunphy, Henry - Estrada, Jaun Luis Herrero - St. Hilaire, Ryan - (KAP)

The Syllabus will change throughout the course as new interests are found and as material is covered ahead or behind schedule. Changes will be made in class and recorded in the class slides. You will be responsible for the material in the assigned reading.

If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, or if you have medical information to share with me, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.

If you have not already done so, students with disabilities, who believe that they may need accommodations in this class, are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Office (DSO), as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. The DSO is located in the Student Development and Counseling Center, (508) 831-4908.

Located on the first floor of Daniels Hall (room 116), the Writing Center is a valuable resource for helping you improve as a writer. Writing Center tutors are your peers (other undergraduate and graduate students at WPI) who are experienced writers themselves and who enjoy helping others work through thinking and writing problems. Although a single tutoring session should never be seen as a quick fix for any writing difficulty, these sessions can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and teach you strategies for organizing, revising, and editing your course papers, projects, and presentations. Writing Center services are free and open to all WPI students in all classes, and tutors will happily work with you at any stage of the writing process (early brainstorming, revising a draft, polishing sentences in a final draft). Visit the Writing Center website wpi.edu/+writing to make an appointment.

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