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Assignment 5 - 2008-03-27

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Self Search

  • Post ways one can search for information, 1 post per way. There will be a special thread for this. Do not repeat an entry made.
  • Use all the search methods listed on yourself and post each result in your own thread and which method was used. Provide a description if you'd rather not post the details.
    • For each source of data posted on your thread answer:
    • Exactly how did the data get there?
    • Can any of this data be used to cause harm?
    • Can any of this data be used for profit? Will you profit?
    • Did you authorized use of the data?
    • If not, request its use be discontinued and post the correspondence.
    • Maybe you'd rather share in the profit, if any. Post that kind correspondence as well.
    • Cite where Chapter 2 describes your experiences.
    • Dig deeper than a search engine's (Google, etc.) results.
  • This assignment requires you revisit the Discussion Forum frequently

Search for a recent incident of:

  • Copying employee's files
  • Privacy protection
  • Risky system use
  • Whistle-blowing
  • Release of personal information
  • Conflict of interest
  • Test plan
  • Copyright violation
  • Foreign programmers
  • Other Types?

The book is a good place to start looking but please try to find primary sources

Identify risks, issues, problems, consequences.
List stakeholders.
List possible actions.

Identify responsibilities of decision maker.
Identify rights of stakeholders
Positive and negative
Consider consequences
Check codes and ethics principles.
Analyze each option.

Your paper should:

  1. Can be over 1 page in length, but try to keep it under 3.
  2. Address each of the question above.
  3. Justify each answer briefly.
  4. State your choice of option in the same manner you state points from previous papers.
  5. List some counter points and defend your point against them.
  6. Include references besides, but not excluding, the text book.
  7. Be well written.

For individual questions assigned during class please:

  1. Submit a short paragraph on your answer.
  2. Submit a list of references you used and or found.
  3. Be prepared to discuss in class.

If your individual question would make a good slide to present in class:

  1. Provide a power point slide
  2. Present your answer in class
  3. Be prepared to answer questions and reply to counter points during discussion

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