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Self Search Project

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  • 5 points each
    Post all the ways you searched for information, 1 post per way.
    • There will be a special thread for this.
    • Do not repeat an entry made.

  • -2 points each method not used
    Use all the methods posted in the thread mentioned above and post each result in your own thread.

  • 3 points each
    Search for information on your classmates and post each source to their threads.
    • Do not repeat information already in the thread.
    • Say which method from the thread above was used.

  • For each source of data posted on your thread answer:
    • -2 points each not answered
      Exactly how did the data get there? Include the entire path.
    • -1 point each not answered
      Can any of this data be used to cause harm?
    • -1 point each not answered
      Can any of this data be used for profit? Will you profit?
    • -1 point each not answered
      Did you authorized use of the data over the entire path the data took to get there?
    • 2 points, 1 additional point for each reply
      If not, request its use be discontinued and post the correspondence.
    • 2 points, 1 additional point for each reply
      Maybe you'd rather share in the profit, if any. Post that kind correspondence as well.
    • -1 point each not answered
      Cite where Chapter 2 describes your experiences.

  • For each source of data you posted
    • -2 point each not answered
      Reply to that posting with a link to the privacy policy for the hosting site.

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