WPI Social Implications Of Computing 2007 B Term
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Assignment 9 - 2007-12-06

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Due: December 10, 2007

Find a news article about a case where someone posted online ontent in one location and was brought up on criminal charges in another location. All material can be posted on the myWPI dicussion forum.

  • Must be a unique example of actual case not used in the course text book
  • Provide a link to the article
  • Provide a summary
  • State if you believe the outcome was correct/fair. Support your position.

Due: December 10, 2007

For individual questions assigned during class please:

  1. Submit a short paragraph on your answer.
  2. Submit a list of references you used and or found.
  3. Be prepared to discuss in class.
  4. Be sure to submit slides at least 24 hours before class so I can incorporate your material into the class presentation.

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