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Assignment 7 - 2007-11-19

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Due: November 19, 2007

For individual questions assigned during class please:

  1. Submit a short paragraph on your answer.
  2. Submit a list of references you used and or found.
  3. Be prepared to discuss in class.
  4. Be sure to submit slides at least 24 hours before class so I can incorporate your material into the class presentation.

Due November 26, 2007

  • Self Search Project
    • For each source of data you posted reply to that posting with a link to the privacy policy for the hosting site.

Due: November 26, 2007

One page paper which makes a point in favor of using encryption technology in a situation of your choosing. Back up your point with references in addition to the book as well.

One page paper which makes a point against using encryption technology in the same situation used in the first paper. Back up your point with references in addition to the book as well.

Hints: Consider what malicious actions could be taken if the information being encrypted where to land in the wrong hands. Consider what good such information could do if not encrypted.

General Example: Pro: Individuals encrypting email keeps private details from those who have no business to know. Con: If those individuals are thieves organizing their next crime law enforcement agencies could catch said criminals in the act.

Your papers should:

  1. Be roughly 1 page in length.
  2. Start by stating your point.
  3. Justify your point.
  4. List some counter points and defend your point against them.

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