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  • Class presentations due 24 hours before class.
    • Email as attachment to the course staff.
  • All assignments due next class unless otherwise specified.
    • Turn in on myWPI and bring hard copy to class.
  • No credit for late work.
  • You are responsible for the assigned reading material on the day listed in the Syllabus.

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in any form.

You must submit every paper and the group project to pass the class.

If you have an average >= 90% you will be assured an A. Otherwise your final grade will be scaled.

14 classes Points Weight Description Due
Class Discussion 28 28%
+2 points per class for discussion
Please participate in each class.
Present In Class 10 10% Present a topic of special interest to you in class and lead class discussions.
+4 points - Quality of material prepared for presentation
+4 points - Presenting in class
+2 points - Answering questions and reply to counter points raised
	during discussion
Slides and other presentation materials due 24 hours before class.
Group Project 30 30% Details of point breakdown will be found with project details. Due second to last day of class
Papers 32 32% Estimated 5 single page papers at 8 points each. The lowest paper grade will be dropped.
+1 point - Turn in sincere effort 
+1 point - Clearly state conclusion.
+3 point - Provide logical argument for conclusion.
+1 point - State possible counter point.
+1 point - Respond to counter point.
+1 point - Use 5 high quality references.
-1 point - Can be deducted for poor writing.
Due by beginning of next class.
Extra Credit 2 I hope to give 10 extra credit opportunities during the course worth 1-2 points each. The weight will depend on what those opportunities end up being. These often take the form of attending a talk on campus and writing a 1 page paper. Due by beginning of next class with minimum of 48 hours.
1 Identify extra credit opportunity.
Requires you complete the extra credit assignment.
Due as opportunity allows.
2 Watch "The Mother of All Demos" and write 1 page paper.
Paper should follow same format as all class papers
Due before last class.
1-2 Contribute material to class slides in the form of fact finding, relvant comics, illustrations, graphs, etc. Due as opportunity allows.
1 Post in the Interesting Articles Discussion Board on myWPI including a paragrah or more on your thoughts, a conclusion, a critique of the article. Due as opportunity allows.

Grading policy is subject to change.

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