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Welcome to class. Here you will find the majority of documents relating to this class.

Discussion Boards and other interactive features can be found on the WPI Canvas site for this course. Enjoy.

Date Topics Due Presenters
1. Tuesday
Introduction All Chapter readings include Interview found after questions unless otherwise indicated.
2. Friday
Critical Thinking 1. Chapter 1 - Catalysts for Change
2. Appendix A - Plagiarism
3. Appendix B - Introduction to Argumentation
4. Discussion Board: Movies
5. Sign up for individual presentation
3. Tuesday
Ethics 1. Chapter 2 - Introduction to Ethics
2. DRAFT: Paper 1: Computing Technology Timeline
4. Friday
Freedom of Speech 1. Chapter 3 - Networked Communications
2. FINAL: Paper 1: Technology Timeline
3. Wiki: Computing Technology Timeline
1. Alexsandra Antoski - Down The Rabbit Hole
2. Kayla Afonseca - When To Plug The Children In
3. Raman Kaushik - Saved It On My Phone
5. Friday
Intellectual Property
1. Chapter 4 - Intellectual Property
SKIP Interview at end of chapter
1. Emma Herman - Who Owns AI Art?
2. Aman Gupta - Apple App Store Monopoly?s
6. Tuesday
Privacy 1. Chapter 5 - Information Privacy
2. DRAFT: Paper 2: Self Search
1. Alessandro Brianti - Beware Wearables
2. Najum Soofi - IT Never Forgets
3. Skyler Wiernik - Take A Bite Out Of FAANG
7. Friday
Privacy 1. Chapter 6 - Privacy and the Government
2. Facial Recognition Debate Prep (draft paper optional)
3. FINAL: Paper 2: Self Search
1. Julie Vieira - Appropriate Digital Surveillance
2. Samson Hodges - Search Privacy
8. Tuesday
Crime 1. Chapter 7 - Computer and Network Security
2. Group Project web site through topics covered to date.
3. FINAL: Optional Paper: Facial Recognition
9. Friday
Errors Failures Risks
1. Chapter 8 - Computer Reliability
2. DRAFT: Paper 3: Code Testing
1. Winston Lewis - AI In The Legal System
2. Tanishka Dalavi - Towards Inclusive AI
3. Nathan Smith - Eco Swarms
10. Tuesday
Professional Ethics 1. Chapter 9 - Professional Ethics
- Skip Code of Ethics in book.
- Read the newer Code of Ethics at: https://www.acm.org/code-of-ethics instead.
2. Game Debate Prep (paper optional)
3. FINAL: Paper 3: Code Testing
1. Lily Bromberger - Is Defense Right For Me
2. Chandler Garcia - Asimov Laws of Robitcs Right for Swarms?
3. Kyle Lopez - In AI We Love
11. Tuesday
1. Chapter 10 - Work and Wealth
2. Group Presentation Draft
3. DRAFT: Paper 4: Automation
4. FINAL: Optional Paper: Game
1. Samantha Yeung - AI Art Legal Restrictions
2. Ash Kittur - AI Big Tech Workforce
3. Yasin Akbashev - AI Art Industry
4. Oliver Reera - Job Security
12. Friday
Group Presentations 1. Non-presenter Questions
2. FINAL: Paper 4: Automation
1. Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (1997) - Najum Soofi, Chandler Garcia, Ashton Kittur, (KAP)

2. WALL-E (2008) - Tanishka Dalavi, Samantha Yeung, Yasin Akbashev, Nathan Smith, Alessandro Brianti, (KAP)

3. In Time (2011) - Lily Bromberger, Raman Kaushik, Akshay Shinde, Ryan Suarez, (KAP)
13. Tuesday
Group Presentations 1. Non-presenter Questions
1. The Giver (2014) - Alexsandra Antoski, Julie Vieira, Aman Gupta, Hazel Green, Samson Hodges, (KAP)

2. Don't Look Up (2021) - Winston Lewis, Oliver Reera, Naomi Treto, Xiao Xiao

3. Back To The Future (1985) - Kayla Afonseca, Ansel Chang, Emma Herman, Kyle Lopez, Skyler Wiernik, (KAP)
14. Wednesday
Student Choice
NOTE: Wednesday
1. Group Evaluations
2. Group Web Sites
1. Akshay Shinde - Media and Government
2. Ryan Suarez - Regulating Tik Tok
3. Ansel Chang - AI Out Of Control
4. Xiao Xiao - Cybercrime Grey
Weekly Time Guideline

 4 hours class time
 4 hours reading (2 chapters ~90 pages @ 2 minutes per page)
 8 hours practicing mastery of material
   - papers, group project, class activity preparation
16 hours / week

The Syllabus will change throughout the course as new interests are found and material is covered ahead or behind schedule. Changes will be made in class and recorded in the class slides. You will be responsible for the material in the assigned reading.

Students with approved academic accommodations should plan to submit their accommodation letters through the Office of Accessibility Services Student Portal. Should you have any questions about how accommodations can be implemented in this particular course, please contact me as soon as possible. Students who are not currently registered with the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) but who would like to find out more information about requesting accommodations, documentation guidelines, and what the accommodated interactive process entails should plan to contact OAS either by email AccessibilityServices@wpi.edu, by phone (508) 831-4908, or by stopping by the office on the 5th floor of Unity Hall.

The Writing Center offers one-on-one consultations, both in-person (in SL 233) and over Zoom, to help you improve as a writer. Writing Center tutors will read your written work, give you feedback about your document’s strengths and weaknesses, and help you chart a path forward as you revise. Consultations are free and open to all WPI students for all classes and projects, and tutors will happily work with you at any stage of the writing process (early brainstorming, revising a draft, polishing sentences in a final draft). To see our appointment options for both in-person and synchronous online meetings, go to the Writing Center homepage: wpi.edu/+writing

WPI's Student Development & Counseling Center (SDCC) staff are available for students in need of support: contact them directly and confidentially by phone at 508-831-5540 or email at SDCC@wpi.edu; or stop by their office at 16 Einhorn Road.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a free, 24/7 service that can provide individuals with support, information, and local resources regarding suicide. Call them at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org. There is also Suicide Awareness & Prevention information on the WPI website.

If there is a chance someone is in imminent danger of suicidal action, WPI Campus Police can be reached at 508-831-5555 (or call 911 if off campus).

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