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Paper Guidelines

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--- Paper Guidelines ---

Hard copy of paper due at beginning of class. 

Homework will not be accepted after 10 minutes past the start of class.

No cover/title sheets. 
Your name and paper topic should be placed at the top of the page.

Maximum of one page may be turned in, not counting references.

If you find yourself exceeding one page, try removing any repetition and 
adjectives; we want the meat of your argument, not fluff.

Use footnotes for references:

An example of referencing a Book in the text of your paper [1].
An example of referencing a Web Page [2].
An example for everything else. [3].

1. Author, Title (Publisher, Date), Page
2. Author, Title, URL (Access Date)
3. Use any reasonable reference guidelines for citing other works

	Example Paper Outline
	Name		Paper Topic
	State Conclusion
	State Argument
	State Counter Point
	State Response to Counter Point
	Restate Conclusion (if there is room)

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