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Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in any form.

14 classes

Grading policy is subject to change per syllabus.

Points Weight Description Due
Attendance 14 10% Show up to all 14 classes. Please be on time. Early is even better since all the fun happens in the first five minutes. Don't want to miss the fun, do you? Please be on time to each class
Class Discussion 42 20% 3 points per class for discussion. Please participate in each class.
Present In Class 6 5% Estimated 2 presenting in class and leading discussions worth 3 points each. Slides and other presentation materials due 24 hours before class.
Group Project 30 30% 30 points for 1 group project. Break down of points will be found with assignment details.
Papers 60 20% Estimated 12 short 1 page papers at 5 points each. You must complete every paper to pass the class. Due by beginning of class.
Quizzes 100 15% Expect 5 quizzes worth 20 points each on the assigned reading material. Each quiz will be cumulative. Hint: read carefully. Due by beginning of class.
Final Exam - Optional 100 0%-15% An optional Final Exam will be offered by those wishing to make up for a lack of participation in class. Will be given last day of class after group presentations are done.
Extra Credit 10 ? I hope to give 10 extra credit opportunities during the course worth 1 point each. The weight will depend on what those opportunities end up being. Due by beginning of class.
  • Papers
    • +1 point - Turn in paper
    • +1 point - Make point
    • +1 point - Defend point
    • +1 point - State possible counter point
    • +1 point - Respond to counter point
    • -1 point - May be deducted for poor writing quality
    • -1 point - May be deducted if you fail to provide references for the facts you use in your paper.
  • Class Presentations
    • 1 point - Provide material to be incorporated into class slides
    • 1 point - Present your answer in class
    • 1 point - Answer questions and reply to counter points during discussion

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