Assignment 6 - 2008-03-31

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Self Search

Refer to Assignment 5 for details.

Feel free to help students you feel missed some information about themselves. Post what you find on their threads. Those students will be required to answer the list of questions from Assignment 5 for the new search results. Good participation may earn you extra credit.

State a point for or against the National ID System, or a facet thereof. Please include references in addition to the book.

Your paper should:

  1. Be roughly 1 page in length.
  2. Start by stating your point.
  3. Justify your point.
  4. List some counter points and defend your point against them.
  5. Include references besides, but not excluding, the text book.
  6. Be well written.

For individual questions assigned during class please:

  1. Submit a short paragraph on your answer.
  2. Submit a list of references you used and or found.
  3. Be prepared to discuss in class.

If your individual question would make a good slide to present in class:

  1. Provide a power point slide
  2. Present your answer in class
  3. Be prepared to answer questions and reply to counter points during discussion


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